Where do you conduct your yoga session's?

sessions online which cater audience from PAN India and international both. It is conducted via Google Meet.

Do you have a Yoga Studio?

No, currently we conduct only online session's but in future we aspire to open one.

How much does it cost for Fertility yoga session?

It is 2700 for 12 session for the timing which are scheduled which is for group batches.

What kind of Yoga do you teach?

we teach Hatha Yoga which was written by Patanjali. But in Prenatal Yoga we make asana little modified.

What is the flow of the session?

Session starts with the musical meditation followed by Pranayama and Asana along with Relaxation. Where in the duration of the session will be 60mins.

From which month we should start Pregnancy Yoga?

One can start the Pregnancy Yoga from 14th week of the Pregnancy but before that Prenatal should consult their Gynecologist.

Do you teach Asana which can help for labor?

Yes, once we get  to know that the head of the baby is in Cephalic position (i.e head is down) in their 30th weeks report then we start with labor Asana. With gynecologist permission. 

What is labor breathing or Lamaze breathing?

Labor /Lamaze breathing is a technique which helps a prenatal to regulate their breathing pattern while they are in labor bed. There are different kinds of labor techniques which we teach to all the Prenatal.

Does labor breathing actually helps during labor?

Yes, by far we got many Client's who felt labor breathing was the most soothing one's which relaxed them at that intense moment. You can check our Testimonials for the same.

Is there any Asana for Normal delivery?

Yes, there are squat series, duck walk, crib walk and few more which we make our prenatal's do if their Gynecologist gives permission for it. Which prepares the prenatal for the smooth delivery.

Can we take a trial classes?

Trial classes are for minimum amount of  ₹180 which you can book it online as well.