Yoga Classes :


Fertility Yoga :

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What is Fertility Yoga?

Usually when people think of Yoga they think either it is for losing weight or to calm down the monkey mind but there's one more aspect to it which can help you to make your reproductive organ healthy and improves the function of the endocrine system. In Fertility Yoga there are certain set of asana which triggers the specific part of the body. Fertility yoga also helps to increase the flow of energy through the body.

Some other benefits of hot stone massage include:

  • to balance the hormones which are essential if you're planning to conceive.
  • Helps to maintain homeostasis which is important for the body to operate properly.
  • Increases the vital capacity of the body.
  • Brings clarity of thought which is the most essential factor as we are in fast pace world.

Pregnancy Yoga

(Congratulations, you made it!!! )

What is Prenatal Yoga?

What is "Prenatal Yoga" and why so much hype about it in the market? The name itself says its for pregnant women so to explain you in simple language "Prenatal Yoga" is to make the pregnancy easy as well as to prepare the body for the labor. We all know Pregnancy changes the entire perspective of your life. Each day it's a new version of your own body which you'll see along with mood swing coming as complimentary. IN order to channelize this energy Prenatal Yoga is the best which you can do during this phase of your life. And when you do under a professionally certified Yoga instructor then things can become more easy.

Pregnancy Yoga Benefits

  • Helps to maintain the body weight and balances the mental equilibrium.
  • Helps to get the Normal delivery if you start on time
  • Helps to reduces anxiety, stress, breathlessness
  • Prepares you mentally and physically for "The Day" of your life.

Postnatal Yoga:

(Heartiest Congratulations, finally your baby landed on the earth!!!)

What is Postnatal Yoga, is it worth it?

Postnatal Yoga, is done once the baby arrives in the world. So, it's time to get back into shape. Most of the females by this time feel now the work is done and we can relax but that's not true medically by 45 days after consulting your gynae you should get back to some activity.

I recommend take more 15 days but do join postnatal yoga as now you're going to eat for two. Postnatal Yoga can be helpful in balancing physical, mental and emotional well-being as the babies sleeping pattern may change every month and sometimes every week.

Pregnancy Yoga Benefits

  • Helps to reconnect your body
  • Helps to reduces the muscle tension and makes them work smooth.
  • Lowers the chances of anxiety, postpartum depression or baby blue stage.
  • Helps to reduce the irritation and calms the mind.