About Instructor:

I'm a mother for 180+ kids professionally, yes you read right I'm a Pregnancy Yoga Instructor and my name is Meenakshi Trivedi. I'm a full time Yoga instructor and I'm in this field for last 5 years now. To tell a little about my qualifications I'm certified Yoga instructor with Registered Yoga Student (RYS 500hrs) , Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 500hrs), Registered Pre-Postnatal Yoga Teacher (RPPYT 300hrs).

Apart from this I was a Mathematics teacher in an International school from Mumbai. But as I was too much intrigued about Yoga so thought of making my Passion as a full-time Profession. Journey wasn't that smooth but Pregnancy Yoga Instructor taught me a lot of life lessons like different phases of female's life wherein each day is different.

I really enjoy my work as I come different categories and age groups of females on every day basis. I started as a Pregnancy Yoga Instructor when all my regular Client's became Prenatal which was a indication from the almighty that I should be prepared for Pregnancy Yoga Sessions as well. Wherein I got certified and then came a lockdown which was a somehow a boon for the profession like this.

Eagerly, waiting for all you lovely ladies to join the session and make you come on the mat.

Meenakshi Trivedi