City : Noida

*i) How Prenatal Yoga helped: *

Joining prenatal yoga has been one of the best decisions of my life. Pregnancy can get really exhausting especially if you are in a nuclear setup. Yoga helped me stay calm, relaxed. That one hour session really instilled a sense of peace and confidence in me. Helped me accept the changes my body was going through beautifully. Also, my baby loved listening to the Gayatri mantra and stayed super active throughout the session.

*ii) How was your Instructor: *

Meenakshi has been a very strong support system for me. She has always been just a call away. In every session her positive affirmations really instilled confidence in me. Even though the sessions were online, she used to keep a close watch on everybody. She has always encouraged and motivated me and I am very grateful I found her.

*iii) Postnatal/ recovery phase experience: *

I had an emergency C section and my recovery was pretty smooth. Those 100 squats in the last few weeks really strengthened my body and helped in faster recovery.

The effects of yoga which I see in my daughter

  1. As a new born she used to become calm listening to Gayatri mantra and all bhajans. Still loves listening to them
  2. Since the time she began rolling over i catch her doing some or the other yoga pose