City : Johannesburg

• Feedback for the session :

*i) How Prenatal Yoga helped: *

Prenatal yoga kept my body and mind fresh and relaxed. After every yoga session it made me feel so energized that I often forgot I was pregnant. The classes were so relaxing and calming. I found that the breathing exercises also helped me in keeping calm and in control of any worries or anxieties which I needed at that time to keep up with work pressure and daily life.

ii) How was your Instructor:

Meenakshi is a compassionate and intuitive person. She is truly grounded and gifted in what she does. Her gentle and warm approach made our sessions together feel easy and casual. She gave me lots of tips and information which I really needed as it was my first pregnancy. Even though it was online, she took care of every little alignment and corrected it. She talked to me 1 hour before I gave birth and helped me to keep calm and advised me to listen some mantras which helped me a lot. Thank you soooooo much Meenakshi for your love and care.

iii) Postnatal experience:

After my delivery the very next day I started walking slowly and not lying on bed all the time which helped me to recover quickly.