Country : Singapore

•Feedback for the session :

*i) How Prenatal Yoga helped: *

Your sessions did wonders to me on my physical health as well as mental well being. Many of your mudras and poses which you explained helped me a lot .
the camel pose which you explained helped me a lot .

*ii) How was your Instructor: *

My best instructor ..more like a friend to me.. you have made it so easy for your students .. there’s no barrier between you and your go-to person during stress times.. especially during my prenatal and PPD time your WhatsApp msgs and instructions helped me a lot. MY ENERGY BOOSTER

*iii) Postnatal / Recovery phase experience: *

yoga helped me a lot in the recovery phase.i was able to balance between my kids using the breathing techniques . since I joined prenatal early with you my body was flexi enough to join back early in postnatal. Postnatal yoga sessions are like a therapy to my mental state .that’s only because of my darling instructor Meenakshi