Introducing Positive affirmations to the baby


Firstly, let us understand why we need to say positive affirmations.

Here, are the reasons:

- It can reduce the stress and anxiety which can help your life easier while going out, eating, sleeping etc.

- Positive thoughts can help you to ingrain the positive feelings which can ultimately help you to enjoy your pregnancy.

- Making these positive affirmations as your habit can effect shift your focus from unwanted stress to your own expansion capacity to deal with the situation.

- It will help you to build more confidence, create more ideas and most importantly will help you to channelize your energy in positive directions.

Following are the positive affirmations which you can do at anytime of the day:

For mommies:

- I’m a strong independent individual

- I love myself

- I’m the best thing to happen in this universe

- There’s a reason for me to come in this world and the reason is really amazing - Thank you so much universe for whatever you gave me by far.

- Thank you so much in advance for whatever you’ll give me in future.

- I know there are best thing which are kept for me.

- I am very strong.

- I am grateful for my body.

- I am willing to find happiness in each moment.


For babies:

- My little one is safe inside me.

- You’re the best thing to happen in my life.

- Thank you choosing us as your family.

- Thank you for choosing us as your parents.

- Thank you for choosing me as your mother.

- You mean a lot to all of us.

- We know there’s a reason to choose us and that reason is very beautiful.

- You made our lives complete

- You take care of yourself from inside and we’ll take care from outside.

- Thanks for gracing our lives with your presence.

- This world is beautiful.

- I am strong and so is my baby.Together, we are strong.


Make your own positive affirmations:

-I love myself and ________________

- This is the most ________________

- I believe in ________________


- My baby is _______________

- I am ________________

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