Self realization that there’s a life inside a life in Pregnancy

Often prenatal when they join yoga sessions they ask me to do some twisky-turvey asana. They find the flow of the session is too low which isn’t their mistake they have a habit of doing high volume exercise in the gym or intense yoga. So, first month pregnancy will be just normal as you won’t realize until you don’t miss your periods. Then 2nd and 3rd month I prefer not to take any prenatal on board as the baby is in the process of making. Also, pregnancy is not confirmed by that moment.

Start your yoga session’s by undertaking these points in mind:

a) Wait for 13th week to get over- As before this 1st trimester is considered as the most crucial part of the pregnancy wherein the baby’s body parts in making.

b) Wait for 3rd month of report to come- The ultrasound will confirm the pregnancy which is viable (can be seen) and can estimate the due date. It will also confirm how many babies the prenatal is carrying and will confirm whether baby is growing in the uterus and is not ectopic (growing outside the uterus).

c) Take a Green signal from gynecologist- This is something really important for both prenatal and the yoga instructor who’s undertaking the prenatal on board for yoga session’s. As the Gymea has the proper knowledge from the scratch about the

 proceedings and the medical history of the Prenatal. Hence, it is very essential to consult the gynaecologist before you go further to take up any kind of activity.

d) Do your own Research and Analysis before joining any prenatal yoga classes.

You can ask these questions to your yoga instructor before you join them:

~ Whether the instructor is certified or not?

~ How much experience he/she has not in terms of years but in number of client’s he/she has catered. As this will tell you that you’re not a Ginny pig of the instructor.

I case you’re a prenatal yoga instructor and just completed your certification then start getting client’s whom you were teaching before they got conceived. Like that take the experience from 10-15 prenatal of your own circle then start exploring outside.

~ Trust the process- If you know the yoga instructor and he/she has just completed his/her certification then have faith in your instructor they may know your body well. If you don’t know the instructor then ask for a trial and then decide.

But it’s a request to all the prenatal’s not to combine or compare regular yoga/physical activity which you did when you weren’t pregnant.

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