Massaging points during the labor

Now when the water bag is broken and the labour has started. The person who’s most worried after the prenatal who is going through this painful process, is his spouse. Throughout the prenatal journey the spouse thinks most of the time only of financial stability until he watches her wife on labor bed with those painful labour. But don’t worry dear husband’s you all can also help your wives in this process by giving her a gentle massage.


Benefits of massaging:

Massage stimulates your body to release endorphins. Endorphins are the natural painkillers which is a mood lifting chemical produced in the brain. Endorphins are responsible for the high that one feels after doing exercise or after a good bout of laughter.

During labour , massage brings you closer to the person who cares for you. It can be midwife or your spouse. Touch can make you feel better while you’re in a pain and perhaps tired or frightened. There are certain positions in which a prenatal can feel better.


Which are the massaging points?

Sitting posture:

 Before we start with this, prenatal should lean forward on a birth ball or sitting on a chair turned back to front,will make it easier for your spouse or midwife to put steady pressure on your lower back or rub your shoulders.

Shoulder massage:

During labour, keep your shoulder’s relaxed as this will help in keeping a rhythmic breathing. Using massage can help your shoulder’s to relax and breath properly.


Technique 1:

-Tell your partner go to place his hands on your shoulders and lean lightly on them. This will help you to drop your shoulder’s if they are already hunched because you have become stressed.

- Next he can stroke downward direction from your shoulders to your elbows, maintaining a rhythmic action and applying a firm pressure.Repeat this until you don’t feel relaxed.


Technique 2:

-Tell your partner to rest his hands on your shoulder’s and using his thumbs to massage in small,firm circles behind your shoulder blades.

-Tell him if he’s pressing too hard or it’s good enough.

(Note: Important for him to avoid frantic massage, as this will probably speed up your breathing when the aim is to slow it down)


Back massage:

It is commonly observed by most of the prenatal to have the triggering pain near the lower back region so here’s the way to ease the pain.


Technique 1 (In early labour):

- Spouse/midwife can use flat of his hand to make a stroke downward direction from shoulder to lower back on one side of the spine.

- Later he can use his other hand to make stroke on other side of the spine,with one hand constantly on your shoulder.


Technique 2 (Advance labour):

- Your spouse/midwife can use his/her heel of the hand to press firmly over the base of spine . Or

- He can use his thumbs to make circles over the lower back.Try both the technique and whichever you find it useful, you can tell him to continue that.


Foot massage:

I highly recommend all my prenatal even in their prenatal journey as this can help to get the sound sleep. But this can be useful during the labour as well.

Technique 1(During Pregnancy):

- At the end of the day when it’s a finally call to sleep just before that you can use coconut oil in summer season and mustard oil in winter season.

- Take a small portions of oil and and make gentle massage on your sole.Eventually cover the entire feet by taking small portions.

(Note: Don’t forget to keep the slipper beneath your bed i case if you want to go to washroom at night)

Technique 2 (During labour):

-You can tell you spouse to make a gentle circles or just compress your feet by taking small portions without putting much pressure.

(Note: This can be useful especially when you’re tired or when the numbness arises in between the labour)

Hand massage:

This can be the most useful when epidural is given or labour is too heavy from the start. At that moment you can use this massage.



-Give your hands to your spouse and place it in between his hands and he can rub the opposite side of the palm. It can be soothing yet relaxing. Or

-He can make the strokes from your palm to fingertips in downward directions. This gesture can help you to relax at that very moment.

(Note: Try all the techniques which are mentioned above as which one will works for you we never know. Also. Keep changing the massaging points if it’s not working or you’re not feeling relaxed after sometime)

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